Turn your wall into a touch surface – and do it cost-effectively. Pinta is a completely new kind of large-scale touch surface that supports multiple touch points.

Pinta is a combination of sensors and software that makes almost any surface touch sensitive.

You can install Pinta on your white wall and project the image on it. Or, you can install Pinta on your large LCD screen. No matter what display you use, Pinta will make it interactive.

We also design and build complete Pinta installations for you, with the surface and projectors included as a turnkey service.

Here’s an example of how Pinta can be used:

Maisema is one of our products that uses Pinta for the user interface. The user touches the wall and selects a target location from the opened map.
The Pinta software can be any application we create for you to enjoy the touch surface. You can, of course, use multiple different Pinta applications with your surface. The computer specifications will be determined according to the application’s needs.

In general, the surface needs to be plain and flat, like a straight wall. However, with some more tailoring we can also build a Pinta surface on a curved surface.