Magic Wall

Real-time interactive club environment

Our goal was to make a first of a kind fully real-time interactive club environment for night club use and events.

It was piloted in Bar ‘n’ Night Vaakuna night club in Mikkeli, Finland where the audience can interact with club visualisations by dancing, touching a huge touchscreen and with smart phones. All in real-time.

It’s magical, intuitive, reactive and visually stunning and audience is the star. Fully controlled by DJ through easy to use UI.

Same environment can be transformed for a stage for events with a huge touchscreen for giving memorable presentations or viewing content from other mediums like television, internet, game consoles etc.

The results

Magic Wall Vaakuna by OiOi

The audience was instantly submerged in the interactive experience. The wall provided a glimpse into another dimension, while the podiums gave dancers a chance to project their moves onto the screen. Each touch and movement made the graphics so much more alive. Music was converted into morphing visuals on the screen in real-time. All visual effects are WebGL based, all scalable – even up to 4K and beyond.

It has since attracted audience over and over again to the dance floor with a lot of social media coverage being generated in the form of photos, selfies and videos.

We will continue to produce new content, and as the selection of animations gets richer, so does the club experience.