A service that transforms your client’s smartphone to a remote control for your screen.

Using GameChanger you can transform your screen into a remote controlled interactive application. The users don’t need to install any application on their smartphones. They just open a URL and start interacting.

GameChanger applications include web stores, games, info screens, etc. Everything you can imagine. Now your clients can have a direct control to your content on a large screen, with their own mobile devices, regardless of location.

For example: let’s say you have a digital signage screen on your storefront. Your GameChanger application could be a web store of selected products you sell, now brought to the street 24/7. Your clients could then browse through your products while standing on the street in front of your store. If you already have a working web store online, GameChanger application can forward the users to the shopping cart and they can purchase the products they need right there.