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Immersive and interactive Game Walls in the Moomin Snowcastle Finland

We created two immersive and interactive game walls for Moomin Snowcastle Finland in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle. There is a Moomin Midwinter game wall. Moomintroll and Little My are adventuring in the winter landscape. The other game wall is about painting Auroras – so it is called Aurora Wall. Both of the walls are made of snow.

Interactive and immersive game walls in Moomin Snowcastle Finland, created by OiOi.

OiOi to cooperate with SuperPark

OiOi and SuperPark launched the cooperation. SuperPark is all-in-one indoor activity park with three themed areas that offer over 20 fun, healthy and energizing activities for all ages. At this point in time, SuperPark has indoor activity parks in Finland, Hong Kong and Sweden. OiOi implemented the SuperPark-styled KickIt football simulator in the latest SuperPark in Uppsala, Sweden. In the near future OiOi will develop new Smart Space solutions for SuperPark.

OiOi won Kasvu Open regional competition

OiOi is the most promising growth company in South Savo. We won the regional competition in Kasvu Open. The competition will continue at the national level in autumn. There we are competing amongst the most promising growth companies in Finland.

New site

We have made a facelift for our old site and bring it up to date with our latest endeavours.

OiOi & Dudesons Activity park cooperation

Dudesons Activity Park and OiOi got together and created new exergaming installations for the latest activity park in Iso Omena, Espoo. KickIt and SlamIt, football and ice hockey simulators, as well as a game wall with content suitable for all ages!

Theme park Särkänniemi

OiOi and Särkänniemi amusement park developed a new throwing game. The game is a tribute to the traditional amusement park games but brings in new digital vibes and effects. It raises entertaining amusement park games to the next level. A game changer indeed!

OiOi & The world’s only Moomin Museum in cooperation

OiOi & the world’s only Moomin Museum in cooperation. We designed and and developed several interactive installations, as well as all the tablet interfaces, for the Moomin Museum in Tampere. The museum has been a great success and has gained attention all around the world!

Iso Omena & Lappset

Citycon wanted something fresh and entertaining for their new kids’ playground in Iso Omena shopping centre. OiOi and Lappset took it to the next level. We created an interactive game wall. It’s been a crowd-puller since day one.


OiOi created the identity for the Centre of War and Peace – Muisti with new installations for the exhibition. Strong stories and memories combined using the latest technologies creates a deep understanding of human in the middle of crisis.

Suomi 100 – Opening

We are creating a huge SNOW touch screen with Keskustakirjasto for the Finland 100 Years opening ceremony. It will be huge, almost ten meters wide! The #SmartSnow screen is connected to other opening events held in Mikkeli and Levi Aurora Park with similar walls. Come and paint together!

Museum projects

We are currently working with two major Museum projects: Moomin museum and Centre of War and Peace Muisti.

Interactive Aurora Park

This 2016/2017 winter season there will be first time ever interactive northern lights in Finnish Lapland. We are making a huge touch screen made from snow where you can create your own northern lights to a New Aurora Park at Levi. This is COOL!


Are you visiting Slush and coming to the after party on Wednesday? Great! We have made a surprise for you with Veli Creative. It’s a huge projected wall in the inner courtyard of Kuudes Linja and Kaiku. And you can draw on it with your mobile device!

DKS 24h

The Digital City Adventure in Mikkeli is about to fire again. This time the whole game is squeezed into 24 amazing and hectic hours! The game starts in 02.10.2015 at 18:00. Be ready!

Itis ready

Itis Shopping Centre has opened a new play area for kids. Part of the area is a five meters wide digital touch wall we have produced in co-operation with Kids Factory. Kids can play four different games on the wall.