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Brand Engagement

We create unique, inspiring new digital experiences that engage your clients to your brand. Your clients will attach a strong positive memory trace to your brand, which will lift your brand’s value.


Our solutions can extend your storefront into a 24/7 service. We also design and produce in-store solutions to improve your business results, to invite new customers and to keep the old ones coming in.

Art & Learning

Making pure art projects every once in a while keeps our artist side happy. We also like to produce solutions that create learning experiences – our solutions fit in perfectly at schools and other educational institutes.

Our solution is Smart Space

With our own software and services we can cost-effectively turn any physical space into an interactive, smart space.

The space can be a public display, installation, building facade, auditorium, exhibition structure or even an entire city center.

Using our services and interfaces, the user can modify the surroundings in real time by

  • Movement
  • Gestures
  • Touching
  • Mobile devices
Smart Space

Our current affairs

Dudesons Activity Park and OiOi got together and created new exergaming installations for the latest activity park in Iso Omena, Espoo. KickIt and SlamIt, football and ice hockey simulators, as well as a game wall with content suitable for all ages!

OiOi and Särkänniemi amusement park developed a new throwing game. The game is a tribute to the traditional amusement park games but brings in new digital vibes and effects. It raises entertaining amusement park games to the next level. A game changer indeed!

OiOi & The world’s only Moomin Museum in cooperation. We designed and and developed several interactive installations, as well as all the tablet interfaces, for the Moomin Museum in Tampere. The museum has been a great success and has gained attention all around the world!

Citycon wanted something fresh and entertaining for their new kids’ playground in Iso Omena shopping centre. OiOi and Lappset took it to the next level. We created an interactive game wall. It’s been a crowd-puller since day one.