Spirit of OiOi

We are enthusiastic about new technology and different ways to use it. We enjoy the thrill of getting our hands on a new device or technology and getting to do something we have not done before. This enthusiasm also reflects to our company as an employer. We encourage our employees to reach towards new and exciting places. That is what makes us tick and drives us forward.


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Let’s create!

Quality and design

Whatever we do, we do with the highest possible quality standards to meet the project goals. We design the solutions to meet your brand’s needs with a good experience in digital media. OiOi has been creating tangible brand stories for more than five years, but our experience in digital media goes far further – for over 10 years, we have worked in the leading, most awarded digital agencies in Finland. We work with a strong, scalable and international agency and freelancer network for projects of all sizes.

Delivering meaningful solutions

We are proud to have delivered all of our projects in time and on budget. We do lots of prototyping and test our solutions on real people. That’s the only way to really prove the concept. We collaborate very closely with our clients to meet their needs, and we are transparent in our budgeting and project planning all along the project.

Tailored for you

Some of our solutions can be built almost entirely using a product or service that already exists. Some solutions will be more or less tailored to fit your needs. In any case, your needs are in the center of all of our solutions.