“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”
– Pablo Picasso

We have

Over 5 years of experience on designing Smart Spaces.

Over 10 years of experience in the field of digital media, all in the leading and awarded digital agencies in Finland.

Strong, scalable and international agency and freelance network for projects of all size, from small to large.

Founders of OiOi

Sami Kämppi
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Antti Kaukinen
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We are known for these

Quality and design

Whatever we do, we do it with the highest possible quality standards to meet the project goals. We design the solutions to meet your brand’s needs with over 10 years of experience in digital media.

We deliver our projects in time

We are proud to announce that we have delivered all of our projects in time and budget. We do lots of prototyping and test our solutions with real people. That’s the only way to really prove the concept. We do very close collaboration with our clients to meet their needs, and we are transparent in our budgeting and project planning all along the project.

Tailored for you

Some of our solutions can be built almost entirely using a service that already exists. Some solutions will be more or less tailored to fit your needs. In any case, your needs are in the center of all of our solutions.


OiOi’s enthusiasm as well as their expertise and experience in similar installations convinced us. Our collaboration has worked extremely well, which can be seen in the final result. The installations by OiOi are among the crowd-pullers of our exhibition.

— Jussi Kahlos, Heureka – The Finnish Science Center

We are happy that we found a domestic company that has an open mind for new and unconventional ideas and also the ability to make these ideas become reality.

— Ralf Nyberg, HOK-Elanto – Market leader in retail grocery trade in Finland

What kind of workplace is OiOi?

We are enthusiastic about new technology and different ways to use it. We enjoy the thrill when we get our hands on a new device or technology and get to do something we have not done before. This enthusiasm reflects to our company as an employer. We encourage our employees to reach towards new and exciting places. That is what makes us tick and drives us forward.

Working in a company that functions beyond the front line requires a pioneer’s spirit.

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for some digital pioneers to join us on board. You need to have a true passion for the field and a clear vision about the digital future. And most importantly: you are capable of making it happen.

You are a front-end master. Visual coding and animation (Cinder, openFrameworks, Processing, etc.) skills are appreciated. We also need you to be able to do UX and concept design as well as sell and run projects. If you’re ready to work abroad with international projects every once in a while, all the better.

Commitment and loyalty with good pioneer’s spirit. That’s the key. We offer you a place where you can decide what the digital future will be.

Send us an open application with your CV and/or portfolio. We’ll be waiting for you.