Tailored Smart Space solutions

Our solutions are perfect for museum installations and learning experiences, activity & theme parks, events and brand engagement, but we also love to dabble in to the pure art projects.

What we do

We can offer you the whole package including everything from strategy, design, technology and content or smartly blend in your existing creative process.

Clarifying ideas

We’re here to help you to reach your audience in new innovative ways. We can bring your brand, it’s goals and your audience together with a human-centered approach.

Experience Design

We create tailored and meaningful digital experiences for the end user. We know how positive experience stands out from noise.


We love technology and we know how it works. We can make the best out of it for your needs without compromises.


We can make your story to stick. We can create innovative new ways to tell your story to your audience in a memorable way with best possible quality.

Do you have an idea or do you wan’t to have one?
Contact us, and let’s create something new!

Let’s create!

Smart Space

Using our platforms and interfaces, your audience can modify their surroundings in real time with movement, gestures, touch or their mobile devices. Our solutions are always designed and built cost-effectively and they can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Smart devices




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