Creating something new

In addition to the more business-oriented activity we also love to dabble in to pure art projects. Those are usually the ones that let us dive into new technologies and gadgets.

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Let’s create!

Interactive and immersive nature experience by OiOi, Granlund and Finavia

Designing new kind of airport experiences

A challenge to create a unique interactive environment inside a new terminal expansion at Helsinki Airport. OiOi created together with Granlund and Finavia an immersive and interactive nature experience concept to welcome international travellers to Finland. We have been a part of designing it and making it real.

Interactive and immersive nature experience by OiOi, Granlund and Finavia

A tribute to the generation of war

Sukupolvi. Nyt. Installation handles the world war 2 and shows us the generation that had to be a part of it. 40 meters long hallway of projected slowly moving names on both sides. 153 000 humans, all unique stories.

Awakening by OiOi

Awakening - Hong Kong

Data visualisation of the found exoplanets in the habitable zone. OiOi ‘s art piece visualises to the tallest building in Hong Kong the amount of known orbiting exoplanets in habitable zone. We wanted to use building architecture and give perspective and inspiration through the nature phenomenon. Amazing discovery is just around the corner.

Poems and weather

An ever-mutating poem that reflects the local weather and astronomical events. An art piece in Kaarina city library by IC-98 and poets Henriikka Tavi and Mikael Brygger. We helped realise it by creating the AI and connecting a weather station to it.