Interactive and realtime generative content

We are enthusiastic to create visual and experiential facades and be a part of pure art projects. Those are usually the ones that let us dive into new technologies and gadgets.

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Awakening by OiOi


“Awakening” entry was displayed on the facades of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper in May of 2016 as a part of the ISEA 2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Project for the International Commerce Centre (ICC). The building towering 484 metres (1,200 feet) features a 77,000 square metres (19 acres) LED screen, making it one of the largest displays in the world.

The visualisation is based on open data depicting exoplanets found in the habitable zones of known solar systems. The animation starts off by showing a few dots revolving around the building increasing steadily in numbers to reflect the amount of planets found to date. The video is accompanied by a music piece, available to viewers through their smart phones.

We wanted to create something which would inspire and inform the public, while taking into account the building’s capabilities and surroundings. The result is an example of how we can transform cityscapes into something more informative and useful using real-time data and visualisations. The feedback our entry has received has been extremely positive and we would love the opportunity to continue developing similar learning experiences around the globe.


We created an interactive projection mapping together with Veli Creative for SLUSH 2015 Afterparty event.

The whole entrance facade was mapped and projected with SLUSH visuals and by using their smart phones the attendees could draw their own visualisations on top of it. It was designed so that people could participate instantly without downloading any applications. It’s an easy and memorable way to allow your audience to connect to your event.