Smart Festival Decoration

We again had the pleasure of working with the Funky Elephant Festival and providing some new stuff for them. This time we wanted to really push the envelope.

The key idea was to give all the festival guests the opportunity to interact with the decoration in real time. This time we wanted to enable the interaction with mobile devices rather than tracking the movements of the people. We did not want to make a specific application for the event so we built a public webpage instead. This way the users did not have to download or install anything, just open up the webpage. The URL was printed on flyers in plain text as well as a large QR code to enable very fast and easy access.

The decoration element itself was built of different triangular fabrics placed on a wide and tall wall. They bordered the main stage. The image was projected with two large projectors. The screen was not for VJ material but it was a decoration element of its own. We created the content using the festival shapes and colour palette.

The content was connected to the stage sound so it was audio reactive. Whenever nobody was using it, the audio reactive visuals filled the screen. When someone entered the website, the background visuals stepped aside and the user could draw and shake her own visuals! There were also no limit for the number of simultaneous users and we had the visuals boosting the intersection of two or more users.

The project was very successful and it also served as a test for us to show these kind of things are possible. We can now realise this concept of people tapping into the visuals with their smartphones, and do it anywhere – and of course with any kind of visuals.