Itis Leikkiasema

A playground that gets kids and their parents moving.

Collective moving and playing

Kids Factory approached us with a vision to create a next generation digital game wall for kids and their parents. It would be included in the brand new kids playground in Itis Shopping centre.

We took the challenge and crafted four games with different game mechanics. The result is intuitive, entertaining and makes kids and their parents play together. And best of all, the playing is actually quite physical.

With an intuitive user interface the kids choose a game and start to play instantly. The games are designed for multiple players. And the best part is, there can be as many players as can be fitted in the area. Kids love it and their parents can’t keep their hands away from it either.

Go try it yourself!

Project management & Strategy: Kids Factory
Concept design: OiOi & Kids Factory
Visual design: Kids Factory
Game design: OiOi & Kids Factory
User Experience Design: OiOi
Technical Design: OiOi