The new KickIt game from OiOi allows you to play inspirational virtual games using authentic sports equipment – ”A whole new way to practise ball games”

This game allows you to experience the intense world of console games while using authentic sports equipment to do so. The new KickIt game utilises OiOi’s Pinta method, which transforms walls into touch screen surfaces.

Playing the game

Targets are projected onto the wall-size touch surface and the player tries to hit them by kicking the ball. There are many different game modes and levels which have been developed in close cooperation with top coaches. The player receives points for hitting the targets, and these points can be used to compare different players or to track the player’s development.

The game can be played by one or more players at the same time. The gaming environment doesn’t need any special structures, as it can be built into existing facilities such as squash courts, soccer and sports arenas and entertainment centres, and even airports, hotels and sports pubs.

The gaming environment can be used by all types of player, regardless of their skill levels, and it is also suitable for schools, rehabilitation, elderly people and kinetic learning.

We also received great feedback from our test event: The fact that no one wanted to stop playing and time just flew by has been the best possible signal for us. Everyone got really excited and exhausted but, most importantly, had a blast playing our game. This is our contribution to getting the Finnish national team into upcoming major tournaments.