Maisema – Oulu

Maisema – An immersive way to travel in time and space around Oulu region

Traveling without moving

Maisema was created to catch the audience to sense places giving them a possibility to travel in time and space.

It’s like a huge tablet. Image is projected on a normal wall made touch sensitive, and it’s completed after its content. Combined with a good audiovisual content with this new storytelling platform it makes the viewer think that the travel to the screened area has already begun.


Visit Oulu is Travel Marketing Company for City of Oulu and nearby areas. The simple task for the company is to increase travellers into area. Company utilises multiple ways in marketing from traditional to digital and fair. Area makes annually entrée in MATKA and other selling fairs, where the visitors are tempted to become travellers into the area. The starting point was to make an exceptional solution for the client.

Creative solution

MAISEMA was created to present and sell places and landscapes as authentically as possible. It was created to catch the audience to sense places giving them a possibility to travel in time and space. The feeling of travel can be created only with authentic perception. High quality, logical and intuitive user experience in functional interior were the creative basis. MAISEMA is designed to serve different kinds of location where the audience have different requirements. The primary locations were MATKA fair and airport at Oulu. At fairs the visitors come and go around and the experience is shorter than at the airport where travellers have time to search information and amuse themselves. Being a portable content, it can be utilised all year instead if one event.


Client: Visit Oulu / Oulun Matkailu Oy

Project management & Strategy: Flatlight Creative House
Concept design: OiOi & Flatlight Creative House
User Experience Design: OiOi
Technical Design: OiOi

Content production: Flatlight Creative House
Film director: Miikka Niemi
Producer: Maria Gullsten
Production manager: Teemu Karvonen
Director of photography: Joonas Mattila
Editor: Jani Johansen
Sound design: Heikki Illikainen
Technical Implementation: OiOi