Moomin Museum

You can experience the creation and evolution of the wonderful world of Moomins in the world’s only official Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland. There you can see exhibitions of Jansson’s original drawings and writings, the evolution of her style until the creation of her books and animation.

People from all over the world travel to see Moomin Museum and for some fans, it is enough reason to visit in Finland. We are proud to be part of this fascinating museum and to have had the opportunity to work together to create original immersive experiences for their customers. All digital interactive installations in the Moomin Museum were done by OiOi.

We installed an info wall in lobby at the entrance to the exhibition. Inside the exhibition, there is an exciting space that is called the Magician’s hat. In the Magician’s hat you’ll see magic, pay attention to your shadow when you are there. Another installation is about hattifatteners, they have a peculiar interest for storms, by touching them they will get some lightning strikes and start glowing. Our technology immerses the visitor with the surrounding creating unforgettable experiences. OiOi can transform your installations to engage the imagination of your customer.

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