The Fashion Game

We designed a GameChanger application for HOK-Elanto. The application was on display on the Sokos Media Corner for half a week. The idea was to promote autumn fashion of Sokos department store in a new way.

The application displayed clothes for men and women from three categories: jackets, tops and bottoms. The user could then browse different combinations and the application would tell how trendy or modern that combination was.

When nobody was using the application, a QR code, URL and instructions on the display showed the new users how they could start the game. The user could read the QR code with a mobile device and the device immediately turned into a remote control for the screen. Then, the user could start browsing the products and selecting different combinations with the mobile device. After the user was done and gone, the session ended and the screen returned to waiting for new users.

The application was on display when the new fashion line was on sale in the department store. This way it promoted the new products in a new and exciting way and invited users to come inside and have a better look at them.