FiftySixty enables real-time interaction with you and the audience in your event. It’s a perfect tool to engage your audience, add some discussion and collect data. Users don’t need to install any application on their smartphones, it’s all web-based. And we take care of inputting the questions and content as well as managing what is shown on screen and when. It is a complete turnkey service!

Simple, smart and accessible user interface. Multiple ways to vote: Yes/No voting, multiple-choice voting, commenting, etc.

Let audience participate to the discussion in a controlled way. Highlight selected comments and show them on the screen.

Real-time data visualisations. Multiple ways to visualise data, all fully adjustable for every need.

I want this!

Your brand, your audience

Here is an example of how your event could go using FiftySixty:

  • Before the event you’ll send us some questions you want your audience to vote on and discuss about.
  • On the date of the event we’ll arrive on-site and set everything up.
  • Your audience arrives and gets instructions to use their mobile devices and to open the FiftySixty URL to vote.
  • The voting starts – we’ll make sure that correct claims are shown on big screens and users can vote on them.
  • During voting we’ll pick interesting and relevant comments from audience and put them on big screen to boost and lead the discussion.
  • After and during voting we’ll show the results on big screen.
  • After all claims have been voted on, the voting event is over. Soon after the event we will provide you neatly structured results of the voting, including all comments and questions from the audience.

We provide FiftySixty as a turnkey service: you provide us the event timetable and voting material, we will set up the system and come on-place to administrate and run it. We will manage users’ voting interface as well as pick relevant audience comments and show real-time results on screen. You can concentrate on the event and your audience!